Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using 3rd Party Software with Cricut (Part 2)

Okay, now we find a solution for this whole problem, at least for some folks.
First, for Make the Cut users: all you need is a plug in. Google “pccplugin.dll” and search for a working download. You should be able to find it within a few minutes of looking around on Google, which is the hardest part of the whole process. After that, you just need to bring it to its new home. Find your file, and put it in this folder (follow my arrows):

My Computer>>C Drive>>Program Files (x86)>>make the cut!>>plugins

Make sure Make the Cut is not open when you do this. After you move the pccplugin.dll file into the plugins folder, you should be able to use your Cricut with Make the Cut.

SCAL users, your situation is either easier or harder. SCAL 3, if you already have SCAL 2, can be downloaded and used with your Cricut without trouble. But you’ll still end up using SCAL 2 with the Cricut, so there’s not much point. If you don’t already have SCAL 2, you’d have to download it illegally, since no one can sell it legally. And while I’m fine with circumventing Cricut on a couple of issues, I don’t condone stealing software from Craft Edge.

It’s obnoxious that a company is so unwilling to work with the rest of the industry. There are tons of cutting machines out there, some great software to work with those machines, and lots of people that have made some great artwork, or websites like Lettering Delights that sell some great stuff. Provo Craft forces their users to buy limited, expensive cartridges, and that just doesn’t feel right. So hopefully you Cricut users can exercise some freedom, and maybe in the near future Provo Craft will allow some flexibility, but until then, there aren’t many options. Good luck!

-- The Cut Source


  1. Hello. Thanks for the great explanation. Do you know about Cricut Craft Room? Is this also something from Provo Craft that can only be used with the files they provide, or we could use that with any svgs or images? Thanks for your answer.

  2. HI-
    I feel like a complete idiot! I had no idea this happened with the Cricut. I have been a loyal Lettering delights customer for years, and now have bought a lot of the SVG files not knowing they were not compatible with the Cricut. Do I need to purchase the Make the cut Program first in order for your solution to work?